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9 Impressive Inventions by Teenagers

Kenneth’s grandfather had Alzheimer’s disease and would wander at night. Kenneth invented a reliable sensor to warn family when Grandpa was wandering. Now he has his own company.

Ann’s friend in the Phillipines needed a reliable flashlight that didn’t need batteries. Ann’s solution was a flashlight that needs only a warm hand to hold it.

A school bus gets 4–6 miles per gallon of diesel fuel. But Jonny’s Plexiglass windshield cover boosts that by 10–20%.

Pancreatic cancer kills 94% of its victims within five years. A 15-year old may have changed this grim picture.

Marian explains how she invented a new way to locate abandoned land mines. And unlike the current methods, hers works in wet ground. (Video)

Stop throwing away those banana peels. 16-year old Elif make a bioplastic from them.

Concussion sensors for football helmets are expensive. With Braeden’s invention, they might not be for much longer.

An interview with the young woman whose improved solar systems are now installed in over fifteen developing nations

Subway flooding from Superstorm Sandy cost over $1 billion to repair. Two high school boys invented a device to keep it from happening again.

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