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Range of a Projectile

Formulas Used

  1. An artillery gunner fires a shell at an angle of 18.1 degrees above the horizontal. If the artillery shell leaves the gun at 5.60 × 102 m/s, how far from the gunner will it land?
  2. A young soccer player kicks a soccer ball at a speed of 17.8 m/s. How far down the field will the ball land if the player kicked it at an angle of 28 degrees with the ground?
  3. The local high school football team’s kicker kicks the football from the tee at an angle of 23 degrees with the field. How fast does he need to kick the football in order to make it travel 41.9 m down the field?
  4. A cannoneer is attempting to aim his weapon at a clump of brush 4.30 × 103 m away. If he knows the cannon’s muzzle velocity to be 296 m/s, at what angle with the horizontal should he aim? (List both possible angles.)
  5. When an astronaut lands on an alien planet, she is greeted by a small creature running toward her. When it is 1.0 × 101 m away, it leaps at her at an angle of 18 degrees above the ground, landing at her feet. If the creature’s takeoff speed was 8.62 m/s, what is the acceleration due to gravity on the alien planet?

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