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Power and Joule Heating

Formulas Used

  1. A chef turns the electric stove on to heat some water for vegetables, causing a current of 3.6 A to pass through the burner. Assuming that the stove is connected to a 220 V outlet, how much heat will the burner produce in the 2.7 minutes it takes to heat the water?
  2. If a space heater produces 5.40 × 106 Joules of heat in 1.13 hours while plugged into a 110 V outlet, how much current is flowing through the heater’s element?
  3. To attempt to start a fire, a camper holds a piece of steel wool with a resistance of 0.44 ohms across the terminals of a 9.0 V battery. How long will it take to produce 1500 J of heat in the steel wool?
  4. How much current would need to pass through a wire with a resistance of 1.01 ohms in order to produce 161 J of heat in 8.7 minutes?
  5. An engineer is trying to design a heater that will produce 9.40 × 102 J of thermal energy every 0.72 seconds. If the heating element is to be plugged into a standard 110 V electrical outlet, how much resistance should she arrange for the heating element to have?

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