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Some are interesting. Some are just plain fun. If you like science, math, or technology, there should be something here you’ll like.

8 Fascinating Examples of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Computers are now predicting what will happen next in TV shows, and even writing short films. They’re writing the news, and trying to predict who might make the news. And just for fun…a Harry Potter sorting hat?

7 Videos to Remind You that Science is Fun

Cooking a steak with light and electricity. “Sweet Home Alabama” played on Tesla coils. What if the moon really were made of cheese? If something here doesn’t amuse you, the fun centers of your brain may be damaged.

8 Promising Developments for our Energy Future

A bionic leaf, a pee-powered fuel cell, an ultrasonic clothes dryer, and a battery from a baked oak leaf. Thinking outside the box can be good.

9 Seriously Useful Things Made with 3-D Printers

Pocket-sized malaria tests. Artificial soil for research. Spinal implants that facilitate bone growth. Some great ideas can get off the drawing board and into our lives with 3-D printing.

9 Impressive Inventions by Teenagers

Thanks to these teens, Alzheimer’s patients are safer, school buses use less fuel, and solar stations in the developing world are more efficient.

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