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The Definition of Current

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  1. A thermal circuit breaker used to protect sensitive electronics trips when the current reaches 72.0 mA. If the current were 0.8 mA short of this level for a 1.50 × 102 second period, how much charge would flow through the breaker?
  2. When a child turns his night light on, 63.7 C of charge pass through the light in the next 20.4 minutes. What current passes through the bulb?
  3. A student’s wireless speakers are drawing 781 mA of current as the music plays. How long does it take for 2960 microcoulombs of charge to pass through one end of the speaker coil?
  4. A vacuum cleaner draws a current of 5.10 A while running. How many electrons pass through the power switch each second while the vacuum is running?
  5. When a homeowner starts trimming the weeds around the house with an electric weed trimmer, 6.44 A of current pass through the trimmer. How long will it take for 7.85 × 1021 electrons to pass through a particular point in the trimmer’s cord?
  6. Calculate the current through an electric fan if 6.29 × 1018 electrons pass through the fan’s switch over a 17.7 second time period.

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