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The Journey to GigaPhysics

I’ve been teaching physics and math since 1997, and I’ve often been amazed by what nobody has created yet. For years, I cobbled together ugly hand-drawn graphs for my tests, and I couldn’t believe that nobody had created a better way. No simple way to make piecewise functions? No open or closed endpoint symbols?

Thus, my first major spare-time venture was born, and it’s evolved into the free web application ( It isn’t quite a resounding commercial success yet, but it’s rewarding to know that teachers are creating hundreds of graphs with it every day.

On this site, I’ve turned my attention to some inconvenient physics labs. Geiger-Müller tubes are expensive. Cart tracks and photogates are inconvenient. Motion sensors often make lousy velocity graphs. Therefore, I’ve once again decided to create the solutions I wanted myself, and the results are in the virtual labs section for all to use.

GigaPhysics is still young, but my goal is to grow it into top-tier site for physics education. If you have any suggestions to make GigaPhysics better for you, I’d love to hear from you.

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Donovan Harshbarger
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