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5 Virtual Labs

Now your classes can perform the labs that are often too expensive or impractical to do with traditional equipment. Each lab comes with carefully crafted activity guides, and the innovative virtual labs are realistic enough to remove the obstacles—not the education.

20 SwiftStudy Handouts

Get up to speed on physics formulas fast. Each topic includes the important formulas with explanation of every variable, as well as tips and “gotchas” to watch out for in typical problems. I’ve spent nineteen years watching where students struggle, and I’d like you to benefit from my experience.

3 Book Reviews

Here’s where I share some of the best science books I’ve read, with great ideas for students, teachers, and general readers alike. From the fascinating to the inspirational, and even sometimes the hilarious, there’s something for all sorts of tastes here. And they make great gifts for the science enthusiasts in your life.

12 Randomized Practice Worksheets

Do you ever wish your physics textbook had a few more practice problems? I understand. Each worksheet focuses on a single concept, while still striving for variety in the individual problems. The numbers in the problems are randomly generated, so making multiple versions is easy.

5 Assorted STEM Lists

I sometimes spend more time than I care to tally following interesting web links about science, math, and their often unexpected applications. On these pages, I’ve compiled some of the most interesting so you can share the fun. If you didn’t hear about the robotic kangaroo yet, this is your chance to see what you’ve been missing.

Book Recommendation

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